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Quest Directions

Trinidad Head Coastal Monument

Gateway to Monumental Treasure

Decorative Image of a Treeline

Follow the movement clues (italicized) at the end of each step and discover the natural and cultural treasures of this peninsula. At your final stop you will find your Quest Clue. This is the “key” to your prize! Be sure to write it down!

Have fun, be safe, and stay on marked trails on your adventure!


From the parking lot, find the trailhead by the big sign. Follow it up to the top of the stairs, take a right up the paved path, and keep going up until you see 3 benches at a fork in the road. Take a break and look out at the ocean.

Step 1

Welcome to your very first stop.
Look at the coast before you.
Notice the islands and the peninsula,
The sandy beach and ocean so blue.

Pewetole Island, Elk Head Peninsula,
Green Rock and Trinidad State Beach!
Can you point each one out
Even though they are far from your reach?

Face away from the lookout and follow the unpaved path to the right. As you walk, notice the tunnels of trees and bushes. Your next stop will be a lookout with another 3 benches. Can you find Pewetole Island again at the far right?

Step 2

On a windy day, the ocean slams against Pewetole Island,
Creating smoke-like spray from the crashing waves.
The collision of water and wind against the coastal land,
Created Trinidad Bay with sea stacks, islands and caves.

As you follow the trail, stop to discover the sitka spruce and its scaly bark and cylindrical cones. These trees love salty environments like this. Continue on, ignore the spur and stay left, and climb the trail until you reach 4 benches.